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Search tips that you may find useful

Postby MeMyselfNI » 22 Sep 2019, 15:24

When using our search feature before posting, you may these tips to be helpful in getting relevant result.

1) use the search box at the top of the topic list for whatever section of the board you are wishing to make a post in. This will result in fewer search results as you will ONLY be searching THAT forum or sub forum rather than the entire board.
EG: If you wish to make a post in nonnude models galleries forum, use the search box on the 1st page of the topic list in that forum.

2) If the model you wish to post has a name longer than 4 letters, just search for that name first, instead of using multiple search terms like: Jennifer black lace 03. Just search Jennifer.

3) Go through the search results & weed out the unrelated 1's. Then open the relevant results in separate tabs in your browser.
EG: Click each search result while holding your CTRL key to open each 1 in a separate tab.

4) click on each tab in turn to visually verify whether or not that result is actually OF the model you wish to post. If it is NOT, close that tab and keep going. After you go through all your search results this way, all you should have left open, are the sets of the correct model. Then you can check YOUR set ( the 1 you wanted to post) against each of those open tabs, to make sure your set has not already been posted by another member.

Searching in this manner will greatly reduce the number of duplicate postings & will keep you from getting warned and/or banned for making Duplicate/ double postings. And IMO, it will also be less confusing to properly search, than trying to search using multiple search terms or searching with the advanced search & getting results for all sections of the board instead of just the section you are trying to post in.

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