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taces23 - Nov 17th, '20, 01:17
Nickdnhr, Please don’t make requests in the chatbox, use the Request Forum for that.
Also, the file you are looking for may have been deleted, the page link that was provided earlier shows no such file, and doing a search shows nothing either.
taces23 - Nov 22nd, '20, 17:59
To GhostBitch and all members: It’s possible that I may have the COVID-19, I plan to get checked out tomorrow.
My main problem is that the ribs, on my right side, feel like they’re broken, causing me to have breathing problems when sitting or lying down. Because of this, I cannot post, reply to PMs, or do my duties on AMF until I get better. I’m sorry. :(
melby - Nov 22nd, '20, 18:36
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Taces23, whatever the problem may be.
markmarkymark - Nov 22nd, '20, 21:45
@taces23 get well soon
GhostBtch - Nov 22nd, '20, 22:49
taces23, really sorry for this, my dear friend! Hope you get well soon!
tbwillie - Nov 23rd, '20, 01:38
Get well soon anyone taces23 and anyone who is sick atm. Fortunately there are treatment options. I’ve also heard that those with the worst symptoms were deficient in zinc and vitamin D. Take care and may 2021 be MUCH better than 2020. Happy Thanksgiving.
Hurrcn381 - Nov 23rd, '20, 02:01
We All Hope you Get Will Soon... taces23 :pray
desert punk v3 - Nov 23rd, '20, 11:19
get well soon Taces23
Hurrcn381 - Nov 23rd, '20, 14:39
We All Hope you Get Well Soon... taces23 :pray not will... typo
joramun - Nov 23rd, '20, 22:17
Get well soon <3
taces23 - Nov 24th, '20, 16:26
Thank you all for your replies of support :win This is a TRUE Supporting Community and no other site compares to AMF. :rev
Went to the ER Sunday night and wasn’t tested for the Virus but they checked my vitals and asked me questions, I was cleared of all but the difficulty breathing. The doc did diagnose me with having Community-Acquired Pneumonia, an infection in my lungs, which caused them to be inflamed and expand into my ribcage. With antibiotics, I am feeling much better. I’ll do my best to return the favor. Luv you all. :rev
Hurrcn381 - Nov 24th, '20, 16:51
That’s all great news Taces23 :win
chipmunk - Nov 25th, '20, 01:19
Glad you’re feeling better.
ThunderLightningRain - Nov 25th, '20, 10:07
I just saw this taces. Pneumonia can still be serious so focus on resting
justdoit - Nov 25th, '20, 15:03
I have a Friend, now he’s not a real doctor? But in most cases he recommends to smoke a doobie? :wat And if that doesn’t work he suggests to smoke another doobie? :unsure I have some Great Friends! Like taces23 :rev
melby - Nov 26th, '20, 00:37
I’m glad you are doing better
tbwillie - Nov 26th, '20, 02:06
@justdoit Years ago I knew a guy who recovered from Hep C. He said, "I eat alotta vegetables, I drink alotta water, I smoke alotta weed." Gotta find what works for you.
taces23 - Nov 26th, '20, 21:29
ThunderLightningRain, You are so right, thanks for the advice. :win
taces23 - Nov 26th, '20, 21:40
justdoit, Thanks, bud, You’re a great friend to me as well. :win, Unfortunately, the state of Indiana still considers it illegal to allow Mary Jane to nurse me back to health. And with my TS, my doc says that Nurse Mary J. would be more harmful to me, bummer. :(
justdoit - Dec 3rd, '20, 04:51
Guess what? Lucky guess, yes I have a complaint. Some of the Combo’s I put together take hours to visually look just right. I will not post one until it’s perfect to my eyes. The "transparent background" that is currently being used literally undermines my efforts.
taces23 - Dec 4th, '20, 22:05
justdoit, As your name implies, Just Do It!!! :laugh
Seriously, do what you need that makes you comfortable. I know how it is, been there. ;)
taces23 - Dec 4th, '20, 22:14
Hey, guys. I’ll be away for a few days, my grandmother (paternal) had died and the funeral is tomorrow. Yeah it’s sad but she had Altziemer’s and it was inevitable and I feel she’s in a better place. The plus side to this is my father, who lives in the western US, has come for the funeral, we’ve not seen nor spoken to each other in 10-15 yrs. We will spend the next few days trying to catch up. Have a great wknd, everyone. :)
GhostBtch - Dec 4th, '20, 22:51
taces23, my condolences, my friend
melby - Dec 4th, '20, 23:06
sorry for your loss,and hope you and your Father can mend fences so to speak.
desert punk v3 - Dec 4th, '20, 23:07
omg condolences an keep strong
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