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    We are a community created with the purpose of sharing photos and videos of beautiful teen models. All videos and photos posted on our forum were taken by professional legal agencies and comply with international laws - United States Code Title 18.

    AMF does not produce, share or host any kind of illegal pornography. Please, read our rules, banned models and studios and legal notice before report and/or post any topic. We are a community dedicated to legal models only.

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GhostBtch - Dec 25th, '20, 15:14
Linkbucks Service Discontinued

After nearly 21 years of service, Linkbucks has decided to suspend operations. It has been a fun ride with everyone who has used the service over the years. For now, Linkbucks rests. Perhaps we will return in the future with something new. We wish you safety, peace, and prosperity as we all move forward in this era.

Please all members using LinkBucks links replace them to working ones.
GhostBtch - Dec 25th, '20, 15:37
:D ;) Merry Christmas to all members! ;) :D
melby - Dec 25th, '20, 22:48
Merry Christmas everyone
ThunderLightningRain - Dec 26th, '20, 11:16
Yes Linkbucks is gone. Great Christmas present. Hopefully Ex-Load is next
Vigilante - Dec 26th, '20, 16:42
Merry Christmas for all good members. I hope that next year useless members will leave the forum. Including inactive members, who contribute nothing and criticize those who have worked for this forum for almost 10 years. I hope that members who criticize staff for using premium hosting sites, to try to pay for server costs, disappear from here... forever.
:) ... Peace...
taces23 - Dec 29th, '20, 16:19
I’ve updated the rules for FL’s "The Club" and their Private content, see here: rules/allowed-forbidden-agencies-models-t5399.html
Fashion Land | The Club |
Only "clean" sets and videos are allowed. ALL of The Club’s "Private" content is banned.
taces23 - Dec 29th, '20, 16:43
I’ve updated the NN Models Restrictions topic: restrictions/nonude-models-area-restrictions-t66598.html

The Club:
All Private content is banned; considered CP in most countries
The Club’s Kayley-006 set & video are banned (clothing)
sagita - Dec 31st, '20, 14:33
Happy New Year everyone
sagita - Dec 31st, '20, 14:37
woah yeah in my time 00:37
GhostBtch - Dec 31st, '20, 16:54
Happy New Year! (In my time, is now 15:55)
desert punk v3 - Dec 31st, '20, 22:42
it is now 8.42pm here just a few hours again to go
joramun - Dec 31st, '20, 23:55
Happy new year :)
desert punk v3 - Jan 1st, '21, 19:48
GhostBtch - Jan 2nd, '21, 19:53
Hi, everyone. I am deleting and recreating broken topics for over 1 year in all subforums (Candydoll, Tokyodoll, Silver, etc.). Please if you don’t want your posts to be deleted, check and edit broken download links/previews.
yaro - Jan 2nd, '21, 21:10
Hi. I’m getting "you are perm banned. preventive measures for spam" thing lately. But as you know, i NEVER spam (well i m just one of those who was on this site from the beginning. not active anymore lately but still have plans for new threads and posts). So, my network is doomed or what.
yaro - Jan 2nd, '21, 21:18
also wanted to ask, for nude section galleries, if model had just 2 sets, is that enough for collection category, or need to be posted separately? it is said it will expire in 1.5 year so i’m hesitating. sorry if i’d better ask on forum and not on chat
yaro - Jan 2nd, '21, 22:24
@taces23, oops i started posting as separate posts for gallery section though >_>
justdoit - Jan 24th, '21, 17:36
Hello taces23....Thanks to everyone that voted.....Make a pray for your Family & Friends.....And Go Packers....Happy New Year! jdi out
GhostBtch - Jan 24th, '21, 18:52
New partner - http://idols.tube - Jap idols and U-15 full DVDs / Blu-Ray Streaming videos
supermodel - Mar 3rd, '21, 20:46
Can I ask this? what is current Fashi0nland url? I think I only have a weird IP address, probably outdated. maybe I’ll buy something if it is not too convoluted to do. I read they are offering compilations with all old sets for a model for 200 bucks? thanks
plusultra - Mar 11th, '21, 22:13
Anybody know what’s the situation with thepeopleimage.com? Site’s been down since this morning.
GhostBtch - Apr 23rd, '21, 17:26
Hello, guys. Sorry for downtime yesterday. We had a DDOS attack.
GhostBtch - Apr 23rd, '21, 17:29
I’ll reply all PM’s soon. I’m out of country with limited internet access.
desert punk v3 - Apr 23rd, '21, 18:09
hope all is good now cheers
taces23 - Apr 24th, '21, 05:23
Thanks for taking care of it, GB. :rev
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