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Fetichista_77 - Aug 15th, '20, 04:28
you’re welcome dear justdoit. :win
epshot25 - Aug 15th, '20, 21:12
25K views on Upscaled Classics thread! Holy Smokes!!
fartharder - Aug 20th, '20, 17:35
back after a long hiatus; are there any bulk image downloaders that work anymore, like imagehostgrabber in the past?
Vigilante - Aug 20th, '20, 21:44
For anyone interested, some partners sites were changed URL:
http://modelos.city »» http://modelos.name
http://littlestars.agency »» http://littlestars.info
http://siterip.studio »» http://models-siterips.com
taces23 - Aug 21st, '20, 01:31
fartharder, @ fartharder, BID: https://bulkimagedownloader.com works well with most browsers but for me, IHG: https://imagehostgrabber.com seems to work only with the Pale Moon browser: http://www.palemoon.org. Whenever I try to install IHG with FireFox, I get a message that the IHG file extension is corrupt.
taces23 - Aug 21st, '20, 01:34
Vigilante, Thanks for the update, Vigilante. :win
avghubby - Aug 21st, '20, 02:55
Is there a way to request sets for the upscaled classics page? There are so many i’d like to see on there!
epshot25 - Aug 21st, '20, 07:38
@avghubby check dm
desert punk v3 - Aug 29th, '20, 13:31
so all my passwords changed i will go an put back it
amf.bz is the passwords to my files
justdoit - Aug 29th, '20, 22:11
Thanks for Khloe and Big Thanks for the method of sharing her... :d44
taces23 - Sep 10th, '20, 03:57
Hey, everyone. Just wanted to wish you all well during the pandemic crisis. :pray
desert punk v3 - Sep 10th, '20, 17:59
all good here
tbwillie - Sep 11th, '20, 03:52
Thanks taces. Man, it’s already September! I hope everybody’s doing OK. Here’s to life getting back to normal ASAP.
justdoit - Sep 13th, '20, 19:51
ATTACK of the ANGELS run for life.... :wat :shock:
desert punk v3 - Sep 16th, '20, 21:44
is cuties the netflix movie allowed????
tbwillie - Sep 18th, '20, 02:32
If you’ve been a NN fan for a while then you’ll probably not be blown away by Cuties. However I am interested to see if it’s used as an excuse to push through even more bad laws relating to pics and vids of girls.
taces23 - Sep 18th, '20, 15:18
desert punk v3, "Cuties", hard to say as I’ve not seen the movie. I’ve created a support topic on this issue: english-chat/new-forum-for-films-t87822.html. Perhaps we can further the discussion there. ;)
justdoit - Sep 24th, '20, 16:53
Take a minute and pray for your Family & Friends :pray
desert punk v3 - Sep 25th, '20, 00:38
desert punk v3 - Sep 25th, '20, 00:38
yea things real tough here out of a job for about 2 months
taces23 - Oct 15th, '20, 10:44
The new ’IMDB / YT forum is now open, it’s listed under the Jailbaits Videos forum. have fun. :)
taces23 - Oct 15th, '20, 10:45
Also, there is a ’Support/Discussion’ subforum within it if anyone has comments/suggestions.
supermodel - Oct 19th, '20, 02:47
I guess you have to browse YT links with a VPN, right? I mean Google works with federal intelligence, you want them to know you like lil’ girls?
taces23 - Oct 19th, '20, 13:50
supermodel, Using a VPN is always a good idea, but there’s nothing wrong, immoral nor illegal with liking and collecting/discussing little girls, so long as the content in question is legal and abides by US and International laws. The content being posted on AMF does abide with such laws, the content that doesn’t gets removed immediately. There’s nothing to worry about here. :)
taces23 - Oct 19th, '20, 13:59
Illegal & immoral content is easier for us to take control of and remove. It’s the DMCA/Copyrighted material that’s a bit more problematic. A lot of new publications get shared across the net every day and it’s hard to determine if such policies are being violated when they get posted on boards such as ours.
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